Soft 100% Cly men's shirt in blue color with unstructured collar

Code: P2200
Brand: DelSiena
Gender: Man
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Size: 42

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  • Technical data

    Brand: Del Siena

    Wearability: Modern

    Colour: Dark blue

    Fabric: Warm cotton

    Pattern: Solid colour - melange

    Collar: Spread small

    Sleeve: Long

    Composition: 100% Cly

    Treatment: Washed

    Special features: Bio Shirt - Eco-sustainable fabric

    Style: Casual/Urban

    Produced by: DSG SPA

  • Description

    100% Cly what is it?

    Cly is the acronym that identifies the yarn of "Lyocell©" a type of fiber similar to viscose, which is obtained by dissolving the marrow of the birch or eucalyptus plant with biological solvents. The process is more ecological than the production of viscose or cotton. Lyocell® yarn can be easily dyed and is very smooth and soft to the touch.

    Del Siena "BIO-Shirt".

    This shirt, therefore, comes from the desire to create an eco-friendly garment with low environmental impact with an extremely satisfying yarn quality for the wearer. It is also called "Warm Cotton" because the sensation is that of a very light and soft flannel suitable for autumn or winter periods.

    For the rest, this shirt "Bio-Shirt" by Del Siena is made according to the quality standards of the famous Tuscan brand that produces men's shirts since 1953. Perfect fit and quality accessories such as white mother-of-pearl buttons.

    It is combined with casual clothing, but it is not out of place under a sports jacket and chinos.

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