Payment & Safety

The data of the credit card are safe and secure, supplied as encrypted directly to the secure server of Banca Sella Spa ( The data are sent from the Bank to the appropriate international authorized circuits that return the result of the transaction, providing information on the successful purchase.   In case of payment through the PayPal system (, you send payments securely, conveniently and in an economic manner. 





We accept all the cards that have the logo of Visa, MasterCard, American Express and JCB, the rechargeable credit cards and Maestro and Visa Electron cards.



The most popular online payment system in the world, easy and secure. If you do not have a PayPal account yet, please create it here or from the login page, before completing the order.



Banca Sella let you choose this kind of payment by the International circuit SOFORT.

You can also make a bank transfer directly from your personal bank; in this case you must follow the instruction at the end of the order form. There you will find the IBAN code to be used for payment. 

This procedure requires a longer timeframe for the execution of the practice and then it may stretch of 1-3 days the delivery time of the order.



We are able to receive payments by "COD" at the time of delivery of the package by the courier. This concerns Europe only. This service costs € 7,00. Only cash is accepted for this payment method.



Our prices include VAT for shipments within the European community. The VAT is automatically deducted instead if the purchase request is from a country outside Europe.

You can request an invoice for your purchase by entering the complete data of the Company Name and the VAT number. The billing document will be sent by email when the order is shipped.

The billing information that you provided during the order cannot be modified. Due to the automation of administrative processing, we cannot issue a new amended invoice afterwards.