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Men's Suit Jacket and Trousers in Pure Wool Tweed
€ 559.00
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Wool Suit for Men with Jacket and Trousers
€ 584.00

Men’s suits

TieApart has all the best answers for those who like to dress in style, starting with our vast assortment of men’s suits, perfect to wear on occasions where you need to be both smart and trendy, as well for work appointments and leisure time, when you like to show off a bit of class.

You will instantly recognise the men’s suits in our catalogue as they are a selection of the best designs found in boutiques online or on the high street. Note the unique colours and fine tailoring; add a further touch of panache with a pocket handkerchief, available in numerous classy and nicely matching colours.

All our suits are chosen with great care and attention with regard to colours, whether more traditional darker colours like the pinstripe or lighter coloured designs such as retro style checked black and white jackets. Each model of suit will perfectly match other items of clothing made by the world’s most well-known male-fashion designers. For example, an idea for a perfect match is an elegant Marcus shirt to complement your suit.

Among the various models to peruse, you will undoubtedly find the one that’s right for you. The variety of men’s Sarti Toscani suits will surprise you, as will the unmistakeable quality of suits that are handmade in the best Italian tradition. The right choice of shoes is also a must, as they are an essential accompaniment to a man’s suit. A fine pair of laced shoes, with characteristic design and colours, are the best model suited to any occasion.

The most notable features of the elegant men’s suits that you can purchase from our online store include their fine tailoring and comfortable wearability; suits that are made to measure for anyone who desires to own one. Look at the TieApart online sale to find the man’s suit that best satisfies your fashion tastes. You can choose your top designer model from among the many suits on offer at the best prices on the web.