Our values


Customers satisfaction 

Shopping should be enjoyable and rewarding, especially when we buy something that makes us feel ourselves, like clothing. To ensure this, our offer in quality and style is accompanied by a smart trade policy, an efficient customer service and a continuous research, selection and update of the newest trends of fashion.

Made in Italy 

Our catalog is the result of a careful selection of hundreds of Italian and European companies among which are hidden great excellence and priceless craftsmanship’s know-how. Our relationship with suppliers is carried out with professional integrity and ensures top quality products of the most recent season. We believe in the inestimable value of Made in Italy as a guarantee of quality and cultural values. We prefer Italian brands and the “handmade”, we appreciate craftsmanship and the authenticity of the product.

Green is good 

We love the environment around us and we believe in the exigency of choosing green whenever it is possible. To do so, we choose eco-sustainability conscious brands and we have selected the most efficient delivery systems in order to minimize the environmental impact and to ensure a higher level of efficiency.

A stimulating work environment 

We think it is very important to work in a stimulating, fun and entertaining environment, where the inspiration comes from a coffee with friends, where everyone can feel comfortable and work well thinking big. So we can fell ourselves inside and outside the web, we relate in a pleasant way with our customers and we pursue our work with passion.