Striped light blue shirt for men with cutaway collar 100% cotton

Code: P2277
Brand: DelSiena
Gender: Man
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  • Technical data

    Brand: Del Siena

    Fit: Modern

    Colour: Blue - white

    Collar: Cutaway - 3mm stitching from the edge - Removable stiffeners

    Fabric: Textured - Woven

    Buttons: Nacre

    Pattern: Striped stick

    Sleeves: Long

    Composition: 100% Cotton

    Behind: Darts

    Treatment: Not washed

    Special features: Dual-use cuffs also wearable with cufflinks

    Material: High-quality cotton fabric

    Style: Business / Urban

    Manufactured by: DSG SPA - Sansepolcro - Tuscany - Italy

  • Description

    Elegant trendy blue striped shirt of the brand "DELSIENA 1953"

    This Delsiena shirt is in line with the trend of the moment in terms of style.

    Elegant and fashionable, it perfectly matches under a light jacket and sports trousers. In pure double twisted Egyptian cotton fabric, it is perfectly combined with an open cutaway collar to be worn unbuttoned.

    The light blue and white stripes alternate in a perfect and sophisticated union. The fit is "Modern", regulated by darts on the back of the shirt, but not too tight or too wide.

    The cuff can be closed, as needed and if necessary, even with cufflinks, thanks to the double buttonhole on both sides of the cuff. A classy shirt, capable of highlighting and amplifying the glamour of your style.

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