Classic Comfort Fit Shirt with Stripes and Semi-Stiff Kent Collar

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Brand: Carrel
Gender: Man
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  • Technical data

    Brand: Càrrel

    Wearability: Comfort, wider waist and chest

    Colour: Light-blue

    Collar: Classic with removable stays

    Fabric: Double Twisted Poplin

    Pattern: Classic striped

    Long Sleeve

    Composition: 100% Egyptian Cotton

    Back: No darts, without plies or amplitude adjusters

    Treatment: Sanfor

    Cuffs: Tailored with 4-fold attachment

    Handkerchief: Matched in the same fabric

    Special features: Sartorial gusset, Hand-stitched armholes AMF, Embroidered buttonholes

    Buttons: Mother of Pearl, sewn with "Lily" technique

    Style: Urban, Business

    Made in Italy

  • Description

    Càrrel men's classic shirt with Comfort fit.

    The Càrrel men's shirt, "Comfort Fit", is designed with a unique cut that offers a comfortable fit without any adjustment darts at the back. This fit ensures loose volume around the waist and chest and adapts to the body without any restrictions. The sleeve length is appropriate to the fit, and the shirt has the right proportions between the shoulders, chest, and waist, making it very comfortable to wear. This fit (Comfort) is appreciated and sought after by many customers who cannot find similar solutions in other brands.

    Dress elegantly and stylishly without sacrificing comfort.

    This Càrrel shirt is made in Italy with high-quality fabrics, giving it an elegant and precious look. The poplin fabric is a classic among men's shirting materials, lightweight, soft to the touch, and breathable.

    Design and style of the Càrrel Men's Classic Shirt.

    This Càrrel is a men's shirt with a classic and elegant design, with pure white mother-of-pearl buttons and a Kent collar. The white and light blue stripe pattern is versatile and easy to match with any outfit for the office or leisure time.

    The collar of this shirt is a classic "Kent" semi-rigid collar with removable stays for customization dictated by the occasion.

    Maintenance of this Càrrel striped shirt.

    Like all the Càrrel shirts, this item is easy to maintain and requires little special care. It can be machine washed up to 40 degrees, but it is recommended not to use the dryer to avoid damaging the fabric. Furthermore, ironing is facilitated by the superior quality of the double-twisted material.

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