Classic blue-white men's shirt with cutaway collar

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Brand: DelSiena
Gender: Man
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  • Technical data

    Brand: Del Siena

    Fit: Modern (average)

    Colour: Blue - white

    Collar: Cutaway 180 degrees - 5mm stitching from the edge - Removable stiffeners

    Fabric: Twill

    Buttons: Nacre

    Pattern: Houndstooth

    Sleeves: Long

    Composition: 100% Cotton

    Behind: Darts

    Treatment: Not washed

    Special features: Dual-use cuffs also wearable with cufflinks

    Material: High-quality cotton fabric

    Style: Business / Urban

    Manufactured by: DSG SPA - Sansepolcro - Tuscany - Italy

  • Description

    Classic men's shirt for the office or for elegant occasions.

    If you are looking for a nice shirt to wear during workdays when the look is important, this Delsiena shirt for men is the garment for you. Soft and comfortable with a fabric that does not wrinkle during the day, but that always maintains an impeccable appearance. With long sleeves and shiny Twill cotton fabric, this shirt can be worn under a jacket or cardigan, with elegant trousers or cotton chinos.

    DELSIENA is an Italian brand that has been manufacturing shirts since 1953.

    A long tradition of shirt makers that has lasted more than 60 years. By purchasing this DelSiena shirt, you will be sure to own a perfect piece of clothing, made with the best Italian fabrics and expert hands.

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